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Welcome to Hover-Views Unlimited

Hover-Views Unlimited is the premier Aerial Cinematography service on the east coast, serving the New York City region as well as Washington, DC, Philadelphia & Boston.

Al Cerullo's 35 years as a film pilot and 25,000+ hours of flight time speak for themselves. Having worked with every available camera platform and a wide array of cinematographers, Al has the experience & skill required to make even the most complicated aerial sequences a success. His credits speak for themselves.

In addition to our AS355 TwinStar helicopter, a Cessna 421c cabin-class light twin plane is available for long range scouting & on-camera work.

Check out the gallery, and feel free to contact Al anytime!

For drone and UAS aerial cinematography services, contact our UAS partner, Cinematic Aerospace. Cinematic Aerospace serves the New York City and surrounding areas and is FAA approved for UAS flights across the country.

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